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Define intrigue :
verb | inˈtrēg | {to arouse or pique the interest, or curiosity, of someone via overt or covert stratagem}

Intrigue Limited is a company who's primary goal is to help small to medium sized companies reach their full potential by providing sound business and marketing tools, design services and support to take on your competition and win.

Meet the agency designed for business owners and managers that would rather outsmart the competition than outspend them. We are truly your business partner.


Tom Peters, one of the most influential business thinkers of our age once said... "Designers should sit on the CEO's immediate right at the board table!"

What he meant was that every aspect of your business can benefit from good design, not just the most obvious visuals such as logos, brochures etc.

Simply put, design should permeate into all aspects of your companies brand, services, systems, processes and products at every opportunity... its all about creating an unforgettable customer experience that DEFINITELY STANDS OUT from the crowd.


WEBSITES ARE DEAD! Not literally of course, however these days to remain competitive you need to actively explore Online Business strategies which provide real ROI opportunities to build dynamically lucrative consumer relationships.

What ever your business strategy, budget, goals, or requirements... Intrigue can design, implement and deploy a multitude of Online Business Tools to jump start your Lead Generation and Revenue Streams.

Our easy-to-use tools are designed to meet your specific business needs while letting you focus on real business goals.


Without a doubt we live in an online world, however as a business owner or manager it is critical that you never lose sight of the TRUE POWER of the PRINTED MEDIUM! Ignore it at your own peril.

Intrigue not only understands when print will best fit your business brand/strategy we also provide innovative print solutions at the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE.

By sourcing competitive quoting via our extensive supplier network we always secure the best quality, budget level and outcome to fit your specific project - guaranteed.


A logo is not a Brand and a Brand is certainly not just a logo. Confusing I know but branding is one of the most widely misused words in the industry today. It has been thoroughly exploited and as a result has earned an unfairly tarnished reputation. It is so much more than that.

The best way to define branding is to say it is a beautiful blend of design and marketing strategy combined with the identified "soul" of a company. There is no cookie cutter - every business must be evaluated on its own merits, and undertake to live and breathe that brand everyday.


It all starts with Strategy!
Before you can understand your audience you must first fully grasp what your business is trying to achieve and then map out what makes you truly unique.

Think of it as designing the "Soul" of your company so you and your team can operate with conviction, power and charisma.

Once you have soul, Intrigue crafts effective real world marketing strategies developed around measured ROI deliverables that are focused on increasing your bottom line - You make money... we make money.

inEmail & Text

Maintaining regular and relevant contact with your existing or prospective client base is a proven way of increasing conversion rates that feed into your bottom line.

While other social media are definitely getting a lot of good press lately (which proves they are great for brand awareness) Email and Text marketing remain the top two digital mediums for "conversion" effectiveness. The fact is, you are in the business of selling products or services!

Check out our ePromo email marketing platform or contact us to discuss opportunities for text based marketing


Even with the rise of digital media in recent years, Traditional Media Advertising is still a critical element for any business - the key is to use it wisely and intelligently.

Measure, Measure, Measure is the mantra that will be fundamental to your advertising success. You can no longer accept that you don't know exactly how effective it is.

Intrigue can provide end-to-end services in this regard - so ask us about the advantages of aligning your business with us for media strategy and placement, as well as design, implementation and the all important measurement reporting.

inDigital Media

There is a whole new world of digital media opportunities coming on stream daily. They range from social media sites, online communities right through to industry portals and more.

The reality is that you need to start from the same point you would with any traditional advertising media.

Simply ask yourself "What do I want to achieve" and "who do I need to reach"

Intrigue develops strategies around your goals and once again measures performance against your defined marketing strategies.

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We currently service the Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Hawke's Bay regions of New Zealand.

Our Head Office and primary design studio is based in Central Auckland with dedicated Account Managers in Auckland, Hawke's Bay and Tauranga to meet all your needs.

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